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I understand what you are saying.....BUT
there is a big difference between older guys cruising
around and young squids on sport bikes.

Just like the article suggested.....most are young
kids that are inexperienced riders with no respect for
the overpowered motorcycles that they ride. That is one
reason why I gave up my sport bike. I did not like being
lumped in with those knuckleheads.

My co-worker was walking to his car after work on
Camp Street, in New Orleans. A drunk driver jumped a
curb and pinned my buddy against a brick wall. He lost a leg.
His wife had just given birth to a baby boy weeks before
this happened. He was devastated.

When your number is up.....its up. I try to be as careful
as I can, but, in the end......God is gonna take me when
he wants me.

See ya at Southside.

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