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Let's see.....

blacked out engine
exhsaust tip drive shaft cover
etched my mirrors
thin man risers
Hicks clutch fixer
high beam indicator fix
clock in dash
ford chrome flames on radiator cover
free K&N filter (pay if forward board)


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# of mods BECAUSE of this board? Or that I found on this board? That's tough. I don't know that I'd consider a seat change a mod because of this board, though I did buy my seat from the for sale section.

Things I've done that I can think of...

1 - 4" Aeromach risers
2 - 19" Memphis Fats windshield (since removed)
3 - Accessory outlet on triple tree (since removed)
4 - Mustang seat
5 - Mustang seat custom covered
6 - PAIR valve removal
7 - All Balls bearing replacement of stock neck bearings
8 - Removal of petcock vacuum requirement (gravity fed now)
9 - Highway/crash/engine guards
10 - Stebel horn
11 - Madco throttle lock
12 - Reckless fairing w/shield
13 - Stereo in fairing
14 - Power port in fairing
15 - Dyna beads in tires
16 - Metal valve stems instead of rubber
17 - Passenger backrest
18 - US Saddle bags (since removed)
19 - HD Saddle bags
20 - Highway bar foot pegs
21 - Speedo housing rattle fix
22 - Clock in speedo housing
23 - De-badged the side covers (not tank)
24 - HK K2 exhaust
25 - Michaels Resonator (since removed)

Would you consider putting all cables behind the triple tree a mod? Or adding a gremlin bell? I don't, but then why would adding a windshield be a mod if they aren't? So I guess those two as well.

That would make 27 if you count the bell and moving the cables. Now..which ones were directly because of the board? Most, but certainly not all. Ones that come to mind as NOT because of the board.

2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 23. Not to say I've never seen them here, but I didn't do them because of anything I saw here.

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just curious as to the # of mods done to your bikes that you learned about on this board? myself the # is 10 .
1. spyker mod
2.scar mod
3. fork extensions
4. debadge
6. cut rear shocks
7. wally world lights
8.brake &clutch lever mod
10. made covers for rear peg bracketts
there are probably more but this is all i can think of now

hey man im new to motor cycles and this fourm. can you explains some of the mods to me and what do they do. please thanx

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Same as many others.....way to many to name but they ALL came from this board or the Cafe. Great places for info with great people! thanks to all!

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Welcome to the OA.. What did u need to know??
theres mods that idk what they mean. only mod that i know is the clayton mod which is drilling out the baffels. are there mods that i can do to a stock bike to better the performance. that is cheap lol

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theres mods that idk what they mean. only mod that i know is the clayton mod which is drilling out the baffels. are there mods that i can do to a stock bike to better the performance. that is cheap lol
yes you can decapitate the stock air box and put a K&N filter in it and get a jet kit

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updated list:D

polished c wheels
polished front forks
stainless braided brake line
kury deep dish turn signal lenses
polished top tree
front fender ornament
polished front brake rotor
braided throttle cables
braided clutch cable
glens clutch pull relief
6" bar riser of a shadow
polished risers
internally wired bars
polished control housings
hid headlight
power outler in headlight bucket
recalibrated speedo faceplate
light sensitive high beam indicator dimmer
blue dash lights
green turn signal indicaters
clocks4bikes clock on speedo housing
tapered steering bearings
rerouted cables behind tree
polished levers
painted tank badges
painted blue engine with polished heat sinks
painted radiator cover
pair removal
decapitated air box with spyker mod and back of box cut out
rejet with factory pro kit
225 main
5th clip on needle
62 slow
1 1/8 a/f
K&N air filter
choke removed
cut off heel shifter
stainless braided water cooling line
passenger floorboards
rear brake resivoir chrome cover
front brake resivoir chrome cover
mustang seat
honda backrest
tsukayu vtx hard bags
V&H pipes
power outlet under side cover
rear polished c wheel
rear polished rotor
Glens brake relocating bracket polished
removed reflector on bike
chopped up the stock license plate holder and new trim
reaer brake light cover
running lights in rear signals
kury deep dish bezels in rear
replaced green speedo connectors with a better alternative
custom made backrest pad

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Hope the wife don't see this thread !:lol:
Ultimate 4 pc seats
Custom 2 position passenger pegs by Snush Designs
V&H pipes
Cobra hwy bars (without concrete)
Kury hwy pegs
Q5 intake
Progressive fork springs
Progressive shocks
McMasters shock bushings
Rivco driving lites w/high-low beams on honda bar
Dyno jet power commander
Honda delux sissy bar and rack
Formotion cig. lighter for phone charging and wifes hair dryernojoke
Fuse block for accessories
Head light rattle fix
2" head lite extension
Chrome radiator cover
Honda delux wind shield
Kury deep dish bezels
Chrome dip stick
Start button fix
Tail lite cover
Radiantz LED brake lite
Back off brake lite module
Big Bike switch block
Brakeaway cruise control
Cramp buster
Lay down licence plate bracket
Cotton in high beam indicater
Dash rattle fix
Chrome res. covers
Stebel horn w/ bracket by Snush Designs
Chrome shaft cover and hub bolts cover
Uniqcycle Premium sound system
Modified a side antifreeze res. housing to mount my amp. inside it.
Hidden trailer hitch
Unigo trailer with a retro fender mod by Snush Designs. (matches the rear of my bike. (Very Cool)
Honda studded bags
Peaceful Cruzin tank bib
Probably can think of a couple more if I tried real hard.
SNUSH :thumbup:

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1. Swapped spoke wheels for mags
2. Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing
3. Shark Audio amp/speakers
4. Cobra Engine Guard
5. K&N air filter in stock housing
6. Pair Valve removal with block off plates
7. Fuel pump removal and swapped original petcock for a vacuum operated one
8. Honda Drivers Backrest
9. Kuryakyn Flame grips
10. Passenger Backrest
11. Luggage Rack
12. Tsukayu Jumbo Strong Bags
13. Relocated Stock signals to License plate frame
14. Rinehart Racing Staggered Exhaust
15. Barons 4 inch kickback handlebar risers

I think thats all ;)

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MTC Clutch
DarkSide rear tire
C model headers w/Jardien 2 into 1 slip-on exhaust
C model chrome side covers
Mustang seat w/backrest & passenger seat
Kury floorboards fore & aft
Palidin Highway Bar
Progressive front fork springs
Undertaker front fender
X-Beast Airbox Cover mod w/K&N filter
LED's in louvered spark plug covers
Stebel horn
Kury Iso Flame Grips
HID headlight
Hondaline Driving Lights
Memphis Shades windshield
Boss Bags
110ci Case Cover
Luggage rack
Backrest w/Ultimate backrest pad
Pair valve removal & ground fix
Little pieces of bling here & there

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Although it isn't a long list I didn't think I had made that many until I started a list:

luggage rack and sissy bar
Clayton Mod
PAIR valve removal
speedo rattle fix
Glen's 3" headlight extension
Glen's A/F tool
Glen's cluth pull relief
Ultimate seats (with backrest)
Kuryakyn 12v socket mounted on handlebars
12v socket mounted in saddle bag
Ram-Mount ball on risers
Ram-Mount ball on handlebar
Hyper-Lites brake and turnsignal lights
new Clearview windshield when wife is riding (to avoid buffeting)
bought an extra windshield and cut it down for when I ride alone
HID lightbar bulbs (35w)
Cramp Buster
studded tank bib (mostly to hold my Gerging controller)

Things I want to do:
seat pin mod
handlebar risers
clock in speedo housing

My wife complains that the accessories for a bike so add up to more than you paid for the bike. She might be true to some extent. I haven't included costs for my new helmt (Nolan N-104) which I also want to purchase the communication system for or the Gerbing heated jacket liner, gloves, and dual controller or the quilted lined chaps. I also want to get her a leather jacket and chap IF she starts riding with me more.

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just curious as to the # of mods done to your bikes that you learned about on this board? myself the # is 10 .
1. spyker mod
2.scar mod
3. fork extensions
4. debadge
6. cut rear shocks
7. wally world lights
8.brake &clutch lever mod
10. made covers for rear peg bracketts
there are probably more but this is all i can think of now
yep it really is never ending LOL. some of the things i've done or forgot to add since i started this post are:
11. pair valve
12. c&c solo seat
13. rejett carb
14. spike intake
15. 8 degree rake kit
16. 4 inch fork extensions to replace the 2 inch ones i had before
17. another set of handle bar risers ,44 magnum type
18. new set of drag bars
19. made a luggage rack to fit my padilin quick release sissy bar
20 custom rear pillion seat
and the beat goes on yea the beat goes on.

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Mods? or Add-Ons?

To me putting a luggage rack on a bike that does not have is is an Add-On and not a Mod.

Removing stock exhaust and installing aftermarket exhausts, that would be a modification ( mod ).

Saddle Bags
Tour Trunk
VHF/UHF Two Way Radio ( FCC License required )

Modifications ( Mods) :
Swapped Stock VTX1800N Exhaust for Stock VTX1800C Exhaust ( this mod was done to facilitate saddle bag install )



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Anything that you do that changes the look or performance of a stock strip down bike would be a modification. A fabricatiom mod would be anything that you cut ,bent, or rewired.
Just my opinion.
SNUSH :thumbup:

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Daamn....hope wife dont see
1. Linde bars
2. Lights on Linde bars/LEDs for Lights instead of incandescent
3. Cup Holder
4. Possibles bag
5. Horn
6. Risers
7. Seat Porgression...stock...mean city...Ultimate
8. Solo Rack
9. Saddlebags
10. LEDs for saddlebags ( pulsating tail and rapid flashing stop)
11. Mud Flap for front Fender
12.Turn Signal beeper remind me to automatically shut off blinkers
13. 21" MFats shield replace 19"

Still need Phat 3 X risers
New cables +6"
Plug for charging phone

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Mods based on what I learned from VTXOA

1. Seat Pin mod
2. Scar mod
3. Debadge
4. Hicks Clutch Relief
5. Starter Switch clean
6. Rear Peg covers (made from walking cane tip with chrome knob installed in middle).
7. Dyna Beads installed
8. Replaced 1300 shocks with 1800 shocks
9. Installed poly shock bushings (improvement over stock rubber).
10. Applied DAWGS flame decals on saddle bags
11. Installed louder horn with provided relay and wire diagram.
12. Installed Harley 'cow bell' horn in left side of engine.

1. Replaced Honda Line driving light lenses with amber lenses & posted 'how to'.
2. Studded my own seat & posted 'how to'.
3. Decorated my my own tool bag and posted 'how to'.
4. Added my own 'crap mod' chrome fork caps made from plumbing cap & posted 'how to'.
5. Added leather covered side covers and posted 'how to'.

Mods/improvements not learned on the site but influenced by it:
1. Custom painted Honda Hawk tail light chrome cover (first saw the Honda Hawk cover here)
2. Added serrated heat shields to 2 into 1 Roadhouse pipes (first saw the shields here).
3. Honda Line lightbar (picked this out due to great review here).
4. Customized licenst plate.
5. Honda Chrome solo seat rail (saw it here and had to have it).
6. Steel braded throttle and clutch lines (picked out brand based on reviews here).
7. Black Halogen rear turn signals
8. Kury smoked bezels in front signals (picked these based on what I saw/liked here).
9. Tail Blazer pulsing rear tailight bulb (bought based on positive reviews here).
10. Mustang tank bib (picked out based on what I saw here).
11. Chrome front wheel dust hub.
12. 2 up NC quick release windshield
13. NC palidin highway/crash bars
14. Champion hard saddlebags
15. Kury engine covers & swing arm covers
16. Kury chrome signal covers
17. Kury chrome brake pedal cover.
18. Leather side stand cover (studded).
19. Leather lever covers.
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