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Where once a mighty crowd did enter, now blows the bitter wind of winter

Where once did mighty echos sounds, silence lingers at the ground

The carnival has traveled on, but in the wind still rains a song

As the leaves stir on the tree, a gathering shadow begs release

Across the land thier heads will turn, as in their hearts a call will burn

For those six stories have been told, this traveling show will never fold

It legends here and feel as well, thru shangrila and pits of hell

That those who beckon still shall know, the wicked joy of the carny show

The celebrations they have earned, will to this earth again return

A vision shimmers in the air, and those who had seen better beware

Juggalo's can you hear the sounds, of hachet chops and wicked clowns

For soon you shall confront your fear, without another once this year

The carnival binds you all together, it shall carry on forever

So we shall gather once agian, and in its places it shall begin

And from these woods, you'll hear us cry

The Wicked Clowns will never die

"Please note, this is from Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J"


Richard A. Porter III
[email protected]

Thank you all for reading, be advised.
I am a clown, my name says it all.
Be sure to pray for fallen riders, people bestowed with issues, and those who are stupid. We all have our moments!

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What up Juggalo. Down for LIFE!!
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