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I know about the direction arrow on the tire.I'm talking about mounting,is there a arrow on the rim to correspond with the tire arrow?This shop normally isnt Motorcycle service,but I figured they could mount a tire!!
HOW MUCH does direction matter?
On April 29 2021 I had two new tires mounted, Pirelli Night Dragon. By the dealer where I had bought my 2003 1800s in 2010.
Two days later I started Denver - Key West - Bangor Maine - Denver, 7200 miles over the next four weeks.
Back home I went to the dealer for an oil change. He told me then that they discovered the tires were mounted the wrong direction, with me not even knowing that there was a preferred direction. I asked what problems there could be. I was told that this could make riding in rain more dangerous. I probably did at least 500 miles in pouring rain. No problems though.
So here the question again: HOW MUCH does direction matter?
as far as I know, the tread pattern diverts water on the road back and to the sides. If the wheel is placed incorrectly, then the water will be discharged forward and the effect of hydroplaning may occur - this is when the wheel rises above the water layer and loses traction. But this must be preceded by high speed.
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