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I'm now offering my book "Old Bikes" in digital form (PDF) for $10.00 (paypal, venmo, check, money order, cash, whatever)

Of course, it's still available in paperback hard copy for $15 + postage of about $8 USPS flat rate envelope (U.S)
International postage varies by a lot, so please request a quote first.

The book covers everything from finding and buying old bikes, to selling them, and almost everything you could possibly do with them in between.

It covers mechanic/repairs/overhauling/etc most extensively, and is written generically, so not much in the way of detailed specs.

162 pages, 14 chapters plus appendices, a nice CAD drawing of a different bike on the first page of each chapter, and a short review by Matt Rambow of Colorado Norton Works, on the back cover.

I hope you enjoy it, and thanx!
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