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Hiya LaMonster,

Photos taken by me at the Toppers Show in Fargo.
The jet engine Bike in the pictures was sweet.
Uses a Jet Turbine starter engine.
About 300 ft/lb of torque.
They use jet engines like this to start the F-16's bigger Jet engine..
The young guy's from Des Moines, Iowa who built this bike
started it in the parking lot.. and it just ROOOOOOOOARED.
Don't want to get your leg near the exhaust.. or it would be toast...

I would love it, if you would show this to the guys on VTXOA.


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Thank you LaMonster.
You are a Gentleman...

The Young Guys at Legacy Fabricating
in Des Moines, Ia., said that it is rideable.
They were going to add a jet-type nose-cone
to the jet engine to keep the debrise out of
the turbine blades and bearings.
They didn't know what top end would be
but way up there.

They also had a Harley Twin-cam 88 powered
100% hydralically driven Chopper there, with
something like 32 patents filed on it. No gears
and no shifting.

The other chopper was a V-Rod Chopper...
all Black and sleek looking.

Neat stuff. Someone stole their jet fuel
so they started it in the parking lot with a
combination of kerosene and aviation fuel.


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silvervtx04s said:
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

$150,000 retail for that thing
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