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There is a 2004 VTX for sale in my local Craig's List. An awesome deal at $4650 with only 3494 miles! I had to check it out and was amazed to see the owner kept the original gas tank warning sticker on the tank (see image).

I had to share both the awesome deal on a super low miles VTX 1300C, and that the tag is still on it. These tags are the first thing I take off a bike, so hard for me to understand why someone would be OK with it ugly-fying the bike. Next, why would you buy a bike and not ride it?

local Craigslist
Although technically speaking I can't claim to be "Vtxsqrd" any more, had an 02 R and an 04 S, sold the R as ways back....but I degres.
I bought the 04 which sat in a barn for yrs. It only had 500 miles on it.
I asked the same question you did. The answer was " it scared the hell out of me" & when he saw I had an R with 130k on it he said I was the perfect guy to take his bike. For only a couple grand and some change. I often wonder if there are more in barns and garages than we know. Funny.
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