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I am going to purchase a K&N filter and i would like to do the pair valve removal. I have cobar longs, i put them on and didnt have to adjust a thing. The bike runs great just get the girgling noise from the exhaust from the pair valve. what are your recomendations in regards to doing this? I have heard horror stories about doing both at the same time. What should i do first? or is it ok to do both? thanks for the help

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Just do it.
A K&N in the stock air box won't make much difference, most of the problems are getting all the vac lines in order and no leaks.

also make sure when you are in there that the crank case breather doesn't get pinched, easy way to tell is after you got the box back in place pull the dipstick and put a tissue paper over the hole get a straw and blow in the hole in the airbox paper should blow off the oil fill hole if not the line is pinched.
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