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To all:

I have a complete stock exhaust set (head pipes to mufflers) that came off an '05 VTX 1800N for sale. Complete with brackets and heatshields. Been sitting around my shop for several years, taking up space and I will NEVER reinstall them. Only about a thousand miles of exhaust thru them before they were removed. $500...they sell new, with brackets and all, for almost $1000.

Also will soon have available a Memphis Fats clear to black windshield, with braces but NO mounting brackets (those are staying on the bike, using them to mount the new fairing coming in). The Memphis Fats is fairly new (only been on about 6-8 months), very well taken care off, with very minimal light scratches. Make offer.

Email me at cajunwbmc at yahoo dot com if interested. Sorry about the address, but this website matrix forces me to do that because I "have fewer than 5 posts"....go figure...

Respects to all...
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