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So i hit a big pot hole while moving to the right lane,
and now i get a wisking noice ever turn of the rotor, as it
rubs on the pad, I think.
Did a misalign the rotor?! the axel?!
and easy fix?!

I'd lift it up in the air a bit and spin the wheel.

This should give you the chance to also look at the wheel/tire rotating in relationship to the fork tube.

Sounds like something moved.

Is it an easy fix? It might be as simple as losening up and retightening the axel.

Worse case might be you BENT something.

Honestly I do not know, but any time I hear a new rotating noise I lift, spin, and look.

Same deal....

Get it up in the air .... Spin / Look

Since it is the rear watch the wheel/tire relationship to the swing arm.

Also watch the rotor as it spins in the caliper.

If something it wrong, you should see/hear/feel it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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