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I bought a Stratoliner a little over two years ago. Kept the VTX because I liked it so much and like you, didn't think I could get what I thought it was worth due to it having 75000 miles on it. Also a couple of friends would ride it when our group from church would ride together. Also have two bikes that I keep for another friend, a Yamaha 1300 and a Honda Valkyrie. He likes motorcycles but doesn't make time to ride so he has asked me to keep them and ride them. Trying to sell the Valkyrie but they are a hard sell. With that being said, having 4 bikes I have more bikes at my house than I can ride and one of the friends who has been riding my VTX agreed on a fair price so he will be getting it soon.
When I bought my X I had been away from motorcycles so long all I knew is that I wanted a new motorcycle of at least 850cc, shaft drive, and liquid cool then I would add the extras for touring. The X fit me. No regrets.

An acquaintance tried to get me to buy a Valk but I didn't even know who made them and they were out of production. I later fell in love with them and found several with almost no miles but I was already hooked on my VTX and had it set up the way I wanted it. I still think the Valkyries are awesome motorcycles. If I had more discretionary income and a large garage I would have one. I saw a couple in France plus one as a trike.

I used to see a fellow every year who would ride to the now discontinued Moonshine Lunch Run at Casey, Illinois, from Massachusetts on his Valk. I always had to go look at it. He was an old guy like me.
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