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Starting out at 9am in Lincoln, my house or BP station
Wolf Creek Road to...
29 Dreams @ 9:30 head out @ 10
Odenville bike shop, don't know name
Springville via 174, up Canoe Creek Pass
Scenic view at top (photo op)
Across Pine Mt, may see Buffalo
Down thru Pine Mt Pass
Over to Oneonta
Out to Palisades Park
Through Swann Covered Bridge (maybe Easley too)
Back to Rosa and to
Horton Mill Covered Bridge, the 'back' way
After that is optional...
Maybe past Highland Lake, down Walkers Gap back to Ashville?

Food/Drink stops



These bridges are all in Blount county Alabama, all close to Oneonta.

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I'm proud to see that Ben (VTXBREEZE) finally got rid of the full faced helmet, now it doesn't look like he's got a ferret in his mouth :shock: ; plus, that's the first pic of Jerry (OldDude) with a full face on, what's up with that, I guess he's gone with the communication setup so he can hear Mrs. OldDude screaming at him now?! :wink: Nice pics, thanks for sharing.
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