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Socket Riser Mod

For my riser section I used: 4 capped lugnuts; 2 1-1/8" deep 6-point sockets; 2 20mm long bolts; red 271 loctite; blue 242 loctite; garden hose washers.

Here's a picture of the socket, lugnut and bolt alongside a straight edge to give you an idea of size.

I cut the thread from the bolt, and the cap off the lugnut.

I took the stud section put red loctite on it and turned it approximately 2 turns into the end of one lugnut. I let this set for a day so I didn't have to worry about the stud turning when I added the second lugnut. There was 10mm sticking out which was enough to line it up with the other lugnut so I could then weld them together. I used more red loctite on the stud for the second nut. After welding I painted them to hinder any rusting which might happen.

Now that the cutting, welding and painting was done it was time for some assembly.

Take the garden hose washer and place it inside the socket (you can see it an above picture). Put blue loctite on the handlebar stud threads, place the socket over the stud, screw the lugnut assembly onto the stud (tapered end towards bottom of socket) and tighten.

After tightening the stud assembly there will be some "slop" between the socket and bars. This is necessary to allow for final tightening with both the socket and the stud assembly.

Next I used a couple of stainless bolts to finish the install. I eventually cut them to size, but in the picture it shows washers (along with a straight edge to show how much thread is needed) on the bolt. Be sure to apply blue loctite to these bolts and tighten.

And that's it! :thumbup:

A few tips: Use plenty of towels, blankets, etc. to cover and protect your bike. Also, a second set of hands is good to have around.

I did this mod a few years ago. It was challenging, fun and made the bike nicer to ride.

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