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So last night I got some progressives for a goldwing put in my 1800C. I decided on the goldwing springs because I ride two up a lot and I wanted some extra ground clearance for cornering. I can't believe how much of a difference these springs have made in my ride. I don't get the front end dipping down when I brake anymore, the bike sits higher and gives me another good inch and a half of clearance on my floor boards, and it just seems to handle better. So if your thinking about getting the goldwing springs, do it! Probably the best and most cost effective mod that I have done to the bike.

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Not to hijack your thread but I thought I would give my opinion on the wing springs.
I also installed the Wing springs in my N, do mostly 2up and my weight alone is 225 so I figured that thee would be perfect. I agree that the increased clearance is nice and they do not dive at all!!!
But the problem is that if your not heavy enough to compress the springs or if you go over a bump that is of any decent size you will "top" out your shocks.
they do ride better than stock and I agree that they help with handling my biggest issue was I would "skip" in corners because the shocks were all ready at there maximum travel and could not extend to fill bumps.
Anyway I went to the one that are recomended for the X and absolutly love them, you do get a small amount of dive but it is still nothing like stock. My handling (at least for me) has also improved.
So if anyone wants to use the Gold Wing springs I have a set that has less than hundred miles on them. shoot me a PM or an email they are just sitting around gathering dust.

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I have the Progressive Suspensions forksprings for the GL1800
installed in my 2003 VTX1800 C model.
Forum member Pguard recommended them to me,
and I want to thank him.

Most of my riding is done with no passenger.
I weigh about 250 pounds and my bike is heavier than a stock C model
because of the MC enterprises engine guard.
The fairing and saddlebags are very light weight.

I love the extra clearance under my Cobra floorboards
when leaning into a curve. The firmer springs are great
at minimizing fork diving when i apply the brakes.
I get a clunking sound when i go over speed bumps,
but that does not happen very often.

But the Gold Wings springs are not for everyone.
Your weight and the length of your inseam are major
factors in the decision of whether you should get the
VTX1800 springs PS11-1520
or the GL1800 springs PS11-1521
The Valkyrie springs are also usable and may cost a little
less than the GL1800 springs. PS11-1513 if my memory serves me.

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I wish there was more discussion about the Gold Wing Springs and VTX Springs and now I see there are Valk springs.

I am getting ready to buy and am not sure which ones to get. I ride solo 90% of the time and am 240# with a 36" inseam. Looking for comfort and smoothing out the ride.

I am not that aggressive in the curves as of yet and don't scrap that much now. I will be adding a fairing and a light bar on day though.

Which spring is better for comfort and smoothing out the front?

2002 VTX Retro

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If you click on the red letter link to coyote7864's best posts
located below the signature photo of my bike
you will access a list of links about many topics of discussion
within the VTXOA 1800 Tech Forum.

One of the links is to the technical specifications of the
various Progressive Suspensions springs.

The springs are of similar spring tension, made to support
bikes of similar weight. The biggest differences between
these springs are the length of each spring.

The stock honda springs measure 12.98 inches when new.
The PS GL1800 springs measure about 13.3 inches.
The PS VTX1800 springs measure about 12.5 inches
so that they are easier for home mechanics to install.

There is a small variation in the spring tension for each model.
It might be 5 or 10 pounds per inch.
Remember these are progressive (variable) springs and
are harder to measure and the amount of the softer tension
versus the firmer tension will vary over the length
of the spring.

For a softer cushier ride you can experiment with the
viscosity of the fork oil or the amount of fork oil contained
in each fork leg.
On their own, with the stock Honda fork oil in
the amounts specified by the Honda service manual,
these fork springs will seem firmer than the stock springs.

The stock Honda springs are also progessively wound,
but the smoothest portion of the springs is also the least firm
and is mostly used up when the rider sits on the seat.
Especially for a rider who weighs significantly greater than
160 to 180 pounds.

There are very few of us who have installed more than one set
of springs in their bikes or the bikes of others.

My recommendations as to which fork springs that a rider should use
for his VTX vary based on the rider's weight and the length of
his pants inseam (leg).

A shorter lightweight guy should stick with the stock springs.
Especially if he is riding a plush thick aftermarket seat.

Someone who weighs over 180-200 pounds with short legs should
get the PS 11-1520 springs designed for the VTX1800.

Someone who is taller and even heavier will be happier with
the PS11-1521 springs designed for the GL1800.
Be aware that it is harder to compress the longer GL1800
springs to fit inside the VTX1800 forks. There are instructions
in bareass172's website how to construct a compressor tool that
will ease the job and make it safer to do if you have to do
the work yourself. I designed and made that spring compressor.

There is also a link in my best posts page of photos of how
my compressor was constructed.
I used long threaded rods, aluminum plate and steel reinforcement ,
but sturdy wood could be substituted for the metal if you only intend
to use the compressor once or twice.
I would recommend the use of two pieces of thick plywood used for
floorboards or roofing (say 3/4 inch thick) or a length of 2x4
as a substitute for the much thinner aluminum plate.

The Valkyrie springs are a compromise and I don't know any forum
members who have tried them, but I think one or two might have.

Probably 90% of the forum members who have changed their forksprings
have used the VTX springs PS11-1520.

Only taller members have been happy with the GL1800 springs.
I am 6 feet 1 inch and weigh 250 pounds and ride the stock
vtx1800 C model seat. My inseam is 33 inches.
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