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Yesterday I had the pleasure to ride the new F. An F model in the Honda History was always a Sport Version of a Line/Model.
Remember the CB750F and VT750F?

Yes the F is sportier, they modified a lot on this bike and I’m impressed with the details. With 3 specks the buyer can choose from a bunch of accessories.

The motor is unchanged, but the wheels are rice and they have less weight. Just to sit on this bike is a nice experience. It feels way lighter then the 02 C. the seat is at the shock setting 3 – 27.75 inches from the ground.

The modifications on the front end (different bushings and seals) and on the shocks (10 mm more stroke) make the ride different then the old C. Combined with the rims and suspension the ride is way improved. Smaller circles are better to handle.
Rear wheel Cast 5.50in. x 18in.

What I don’t like is the speedometer position. You have to nod to see clear the instrument, this takes your sight of the road.

Nice sound too, two exhaust with a nice alu finish on the end. The Exhausts have a crossover.

The headlamp is smaller but still plastic (come on guys you can do better!).
The fuel cell holds now 4.8 Gal. – a range of 170 miles
Average MPG is 35.8

Overall: a nice piece of motorcycle – worth to spent this money. Honda continues the line of the best Cruiser on the Planet.

The stock Bike dynoed 86.4 HP and 100.6TQ

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Thanks for the info, I have been looking at the F and was hoping someone would give up an opinion on how it faired out compaired to the C. This helps me even a little more on my decision, now I guess it's time to take the next step and go test ride one.
Thanks again!
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