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Hi All,

My HRCA membership is up for renewal and if I keep it going, it's basically just for the Roadside Assist. plan.

I have heard different reports on how great HRCA's plan is and I have also heard how lousy it is.

Then there are different plans through AAA (although I understand AAA M/C coverage is not nationwide), GWRRCA, some insurance companies, etc.

Anyone feel strongly about a roadside plan? Good, bad or downright ugly?

I also recall a plan through a company that deals mostly with RVs but will cover any vehicle you own, including M/C and ATV. Members had great reviews and it was not too expensive. Unfortunately I can't remember their name or on which forum that info was posted.


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Try the AMA, they only send flatbeds and companies that know how to secure bikes. 8)
This is their MoTow plan

AMA said:
We motorcyclists love the open road -- not sitting beside the open road with a broken bike, a lost key or an empty gas tank. We hope your rides are uninterrupted bliss. But if reality intrudes, and you need emergency roadside assistance, MoTow is your best call.

Sign up for MoTow service, available exclusively for AMA members and their families, and ride with the peace of mind of knowing help is just one phone call away if your motorcycle breaks down or you're involved in an accident. With MoTow, you're covered no matter what you ride.

MoTow: People who know how to tow motorcycles, available 24 hours a day, in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Canada. Just $25 a year covers ALL of your motorcycles.

Towing up to 35 miles by a vehicle equipped to handle motorcycles.
All dispatch and hook-up fees included.
MoTow pays; you don't have to pay first and wait for reimbursement.
Emergency fuel delivery.
No exclusions for older motorcycles
Have your disabled motorcycle towed to a shop or your home, at your choice.
Emergency Trip Interruption service: up to $100 in reimbursement for meals and lodging if your motorcycle is disabled in an accident.
800# assistance available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from two national call centers
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