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For anyone looking to meet a relatively large group of riders going to Rolling Thunder in DC on May 27th from the western Virginia area details are below.

Shenandoah Car Wash is the meeting place and we are leaving at 8:00AM. 602 Fourth St Shenandoah, VA 22849 (The town of Shenandoah is in the county of Page which is about 20-30 Minutes away from Harrisonburg and about 45 mintues away from Charlottesville)

This is the Facebook Event page for our group (there is also another group leaving from Rockingham county on the other side of the mountain). Don't pay attention to the number of responders as it was the same way last year and we had well over 30 bikes there.!/events/284172341660416/

Last year no one in the group participated in the parade however you are more than welcome to split up from us and do so if you wish. While the group may be smaller if it does rain I know several people will still go. Also last year we stopped on the way home at another event but again, you are welcome to do as you please. So if you are looking for a group to ride up with here you are. :D

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