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what a difference a day makes.........

Saturday i got up at 8 left for a ride with about 15 others or so. Meet 2 guys from the boards, Mr.Chadley and Snake16 and rode about 80 miles or so with the group and got some grub at a little biker friendly grill/bar in Jefferson,Tejas. Nice ride back, not too many bugs to the face but enough to let you know they care...

Sunday...........up at 5 in the morning. Sick kid,ear infection.
6 in the morning sick kiddo number 2 wakes up and promptly delivers the morning bottle right back up and on me.9 oclock mow yard.9:15 fix flat tire on mower.9:30 run out of gas on mower. hell with mowing

noonish.........water pipe breaks.......The rest of the day wasn't much better..

With about 30 minutes of daylight left i did get a little ride in with my favorite passenger.A smiling 3 y/o siting on your tank yelling faster!! faster!! as you fly by at 15 mph is a pretty good way to end a bad day.
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