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Here's the thing: I can't in good conscience hang on to a second bike when I owe a personal debt. So, I'm listing the bike here for $2750 for anyone who is looking (or knows someone looking) for a reliable ride.

Work done includes:
*new battery
*rebuilt both brake calipers & read master cylinder
*front & rear brake flush & bleed
*new rear brake pads
*replace final driven flange
*replaced mirrors, clutch lever, rear turn signals, headlight bucket & rim (replaced with LED headlight)
*new handlebars, with new wide levers; replaced grips with ShowChrome grips
*replaced turn signal switch cover & front brake reservoir w/polished
*replaced seats with stock & added Handline Deluxe Backrest & bags
*replaced passenger foot pegs
*oil & final gear oil change
*coolant flush & bleed
*replaced rear shock bushings
*replaced 1 lightbar light & both have LED bulbs
*total carb clean & rebuild, with all diaphragms inspected under a light & magnifying glass, and AF thumbscrew added
*replaced fuel, carb & intake manifold lines
*total petcock tear down & clean, with diaphragm inspected under a light and glass
*finished desmog
*acquired Memphis Shades Fats windshield; have the mounting brackets (awaiting the plates)

Bike was inspected prior to registering: no issues to report.

Mileage: 54200
Will throw in the service manual & spare clutch & throttle cables.

Pending: until the sale closes I will be looking to fix the speedo light cover film as the numbers are difficult (for me) to read, and the Hondaline windshield pictured is not available (waiting to get my hands on the mounting plates for the MS windshield as mentioned). And she is going to need new tires next season.

To be honest, I am of two minds. I still would like to ride it out to MA in the spring to have a bike on each coast for family visits. But, I also am looking to settle a debt.

In the interest of full disclosure, she has a salvaged title, which my understanding is that is not a permanent designation (tho' more research is required to have that lifted here in CA).
The backstory I got was the o.g. owner laid it down with the gf riding bitch, and that essentially put them both off riding. The bike had a fair amount of expensive after market (windshield, bars, beetle bags, etc.) parts that put it over whatever the magic number was for the insurance company. I took 'em all off and replaced 'em with OEM to bring it back as much to stock as possible.

Adds include Hondaline bags, & deluxe backrest, LED bulbs in the lightbar & headlight, and ShowChrome grips. I kept the K&N filter and the cover it came with.

Work included replacing rear turn signals, replacing all carb hoses & all cables, front and rear brake caliper & carb rebuild, replacing stock bars & mirrors and left lever, installing a new battery and oil, brake fluid & rear diff oil changes. Plugs & brake pads check out as fine. She has a Memphis Shades 19" Fats windshield that is like new, that I'm waiting on the mounting brackets, and the rear brake master rebuild is pending.

The bike was inspected prior to reregistering* and runs like every other X I've had.

*registration good thru 12/2021


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Thanks for the intel, Dr,D

The current conversation rate doesn't totally suck.

And not that I know my history, but I think the word salvage no longer means what it used to. If insurance companies are so designating a bike simply bc it's too costly to repair v. it's structurally unsound (which used to be my understanding of the word)....

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Update: registration good thru 12/2021
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