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If you live 'near' Fresno. We will be doing the ride on the 2nd of August. We will start on base, but you are more than welcome to meet up with us on the way.
Sequioa National Park Motorcycle Ride

Saturday, August 2, 2014

This ride will highlight the Sequoia National Park and some of the best twists and turns in the area. We will be meeting at the parking lot/gas station at 0830. So fill up. Kickstands up at 0900. From there it'll be a 65 mile ride to the edge of the Sequoia National Park where we will fill up in preparation for our ride through the forest up route 198. This place could define the word scenery in a picture book on national parks. There are huge rock formations, grand vistas of mountains and valleys, and best of all, a GIANT sequoia nearly 300 feet tall. There is a planned stop at the Giant Forest Museum to rest and check out the museum if so desired.

After that its 50 mile trip the rest of the way up route 198 and a little west on route 180 to Clingan's Junction Grocery Store to fill up before we begin the latter half of our trip, all while enjoying even more twists, turns and switch-backs.

We will then back track a little to Route 245 where we'll begin our ride South. Route 245 will end about 60 miles south in Visalia, CA. This part of the ride has even more fun. Going through the foothills and enjoy the long sweeping turns and corners. As you go up and down the hills, the scenery changes from rolling grass hills to pine trees and forest.
Our final stop before returning to base will be for gas in Visalia. There we’ll fill up, if needed, and grab a meal after a good day's ride. Then it’s straight home after that.

The map of the complete trip can be found here:

This is not a command or Navy sponsored event.
This ride is 231 miles, 5 1/2 hours long (not counting stops). Money for snacks/water is HIGHLY recommended. This is a day long trip. Please plan accordingly. This includes checking your machinery ahead of time. See comments for screen shots of the route and 100 mile radius around base.
Please contact AM2(AW) Parker-Jones at (562) 756-5691 if you have any questions.



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