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Cleaning the garage, and these parts have been here a while.

Backstory: In 2011 (yes, parts have been in a box that long) while traveling across country my bike got loose on the trailer and went down on the left side. The trailer was expanded metal and did quite a bit of cosmetic damage, bike had around 39xx miles when the incident occurred. I repaired the bike with parts mostly found on the forums these parts have been just sitting around. I can post additional pics if requested. we live outside the Des Moines, IA metro area and can meet locally or buy pays actual shipping costs.

1 Honda Saddle Bag
2 Honda Saddle Bag brackets
1 Honda OEM Clutch cable
1 Final Drive (case scratched but mechanically its solid)
2 Foot pegs, one has minor deformity
1 Honda Lightbar
1 Honda RT side mirror
2 Honda OEM risers
2 Swing arm hardware
Honda Windshield brackets
Handlebar switch assemblies with wiring (left side case is damaged, switches and wiring are good)

Make an offer on what you need and or want and we can go from there. I will accept PayPal, Zelle or cash in person. Please let me know if anyone has any questions.


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