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A little back story: I had just upgraded to a new batwing with the Gps when I started having an issue with the bike. I would ride it to work and when it was time to leave, would get no power at all when turned on. Removed the side cover and wiggle some wire and power came on. Rode it home. Could not get it to do it again when I got home , so keep riding. Days later same thing when leaving work. Removed cover again and do the same wiggle, Nothing this time, Thankfully I have quick pins on the seat, so I removed it and wiggled again. It came on, seemed that maybe a connector. Reseated it, put the seat on and sat down, SHUTOFF. Removed the seat again moved some wires and back on. Made it home. In the morning I took connectors apart and made sure that they connectins were solid. Found nothing. Put it all together and continued to ride back and forth to work without issue. Maybe 3-4 days go by and I leave the house and it shuts down completely. No lights what so ever. Pissed and determined to find this gremlin I start digging into it. Keep in mind I am a jet engine mechanic not and electrician. I know enough to get me into trouble, which I did. I shorted a wire and burnt the White/Black wire that goes to a bunch of stuff. It burnt from the ECM to about 12-15 inches of wire on the gray connection and also a ground wire on the Black connector. I removed the harness and found the forward electronic ground was also loose from removing my old fairing. I replaced the burnt wires. I could only put a butt connector on the bare wire coming out of the connectors because I couldn't get the pin out and didn't want to break the connector. Taped / wrapped every up and reinstalled.
The journey continues... I now have power but no FI light or fuel pump. This is when I started researching again on the forum and asking questions. Hans and a few others made suggestions and and provided diagrams for me to check thins out again but I just could not find it. So thinking I missed something on the burnt wiring harness I removed it yet again and removed all the tape and wrappings so I could see every inch of the wire. It took more that 8 hours for me to do a continuity of all the wires and I found nothing. I reinstalled it again and again power but no FI light or fuel Pump power at the relay. I wrote again on the site and got some more answers, but I kicked my butt. Feeling defeated and at my wits end, I found Hans on here messaged him and left my number hoping he would call me. I saw a Atlanta GA on my phone and a smile lit up across my face because I saw in his profile that he was in GA. This man took the time out of his day to help someone he never met. We did some troubleshooting and within minutes he narrowed it down. He found that I wasn't getting a ground on the gray connector on the ECM. We hung up and I dug into it. Sure enough, that butt connector that I had put on the ECM, well the wires broke off. During my troubleshooting before I made a tool to remove the pin from the ECM. Now I fixed it properly and tried it again. Now I have a FI light but no ground to the Fuel pump relay or so I thought. I called Hans back and he explained that the ground only stays connected for a short period. I had read on one of the diagrams that its a timed event for the pump to prime, however I didn't realize that the ECM opens the ground to make it stop. I wasn't checking it fast enough to get the ground light on the tester. I put everything back together and started her up without a hitch and rode aroung the neighborhood for a test ride. My Saturday was a success and it was to late to take for a longer ride.
Today I took her out and went to lunch after a 50 mile ride to another town. I turned the key to leave and this time no starter. Removed the side cover and did my magic wiggle and the starter engaged. It was the small starter solenoid wire connection. I recrimped it when I got home.
Thanks again to Hans and this great group of people on here. Sorry for the long read but maybe someone will benefit from it.


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