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Hello All

I posted this on your Ohio Board, but I thought that I would post it up here as well.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Todd, but I go by EZcruze on the boards. I'm with those no good rabble rousing SOB's on the west coast, otherwise known as the California VTX riders.

On memorial day 2007, we had our annual (3rd) ride for wounded warriors. Basically a bunch of us get together and ride up to the local mountains for a day of food, drink, and joking around. We also raise money. This year we decided to make a change, and instead of giving the money over to an organization, we elected an individual who was injured in the Iraq theater of operations. This young man lives in Ohio.

SPC. Kindell is the young man"s name, and he is in Akron. He is currently recovering from serious wounds he received when his vehicle hit a mine. SPC Kindell was with the 3BDE 2ID Stryker Div. out of Ft. Lewis. He is currently in a wheelchair, and once they remove the pins from his hips, he should be able to walk again. As alot of these young men experience, SPC Kindell's young wife could not deal with it all, and they have separated. Young Kindell also has a 2 year old son.

The reason for my post. Because of business interests in Ohio, I will be traveling to Columbus the week of July 8. On July 11th, I plan on renting a motorcycle, and personally hand delivering the money that the California VTX riders raised over to SPC Kindell,.

I wanted to extend the invite to my fellow X riders, to come and join me in the ride over to SPC Kindell's, and be a part of something that we think is worth while. Showing our support to this young man who almost gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of us at home. I figure that alot of you are also Patriot Guard riders, so here is chance to provide a different kind of escort.

If any one can point me in the direction of a motorcycle rental place in Columbus, I would also appreciate it.

If anyone is interested then please e-mail me at [email protected]. That is probably the best. Or you can pm me over at the California site.

We can hook up along the route, or you can meet me at the bike rental place, or even at Kindall's. I will not post his address here due to privacy issues.

Hope to meet some of you next week.

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