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Just installed a Jardine Slash cut Slip-on '03 1800c.
During installation it was obvious that the slip-on was way to big at the connection point. I did the best I could and perhaps over-tightend my (surely, cross threaded now! :oops: ) clamp..... Needless to say there is still a visible seam and air can be felt (by the clamp) as the bike is rev'd or at dle so I know we're leaking. During the test drive experienced a single - loud Backfire at decel every every 3-5 minutes. :(
The question is....... what crush gasket or exhaust tape or new clamp etc... can I get in order to acheive an air -tight seal at the slip-on point??


first of all you need to make sure that the pipes are in correct angle and far enough up on pipe if not you have to mod. slip on brackets or mount so that they are. no open space is good .. if you caint get that then throw that crap away that you have and buy real ex. system . the back fire is air and proubly a lean mixture in all ,, :roll: any way the vtx likes a good flowing ex . system with backpressure, backpressure makes torq,, and lots of it , vtxmoose
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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