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Landlord is off my back (for now at least), and the wife is pleased too. I got a set of Smartpartz Hard Kore Quiet Baffles for my Bub Jug Huggers. They work, but it did take a bit more fiddling than you might expect. This is more of a fault with "my" Bub's, for these reasons:

1. Instead of a single (inner) pipe from head to tail, there's an extension at the last quarter. Sadly, the diameter of the coupler that joins the pipe and the extension is the same size as the baffle, which requires the baffle to be installed closer to the tail.

2. This problem is mostly result of the stripped button head screws holding the pipe extension in place, and my general laziness about removing the pipes to extract the screws.

3. The bend in the pipes at the tail make it tricky to get the baffles in, but it is doable.

4. The screw holding the slash tips in place is the same size as the screw holding the stock baffle in place, which is fine, but it differs in size from the Smartpartz baffles.

As I understand it, Smarpartz has a tough time stocking baffles for Bubs because the Bub specs keep changing. But Smartpartz has been exceedingly helpful in getting me parts and trying to work out problems, even going so far as to produce a custom set for me. But my impatience demanded improvisation, so I took the baffles they had on hand and sent to me, and I drilled 'em to accept the stock size screw that holds the tips in place, and mounted them to the tips, basically.

It worked!

After hours of working through - and attempting at a few - of the several options, once I settled on mounting at the tail of the pipe instead of the center, it was quick and easy. Then I fired her up and smiled.

The sound is deep and rumbles nicely, and is still loud, but without all the crack and bite. If I managed to get the baffles further up, the deepness might improve with the added resonance with extra travel distance from the pipe. But I can't believe how much better these tiny parts make the Bubs sound.

I'll be riding tomorrow and will report back my experience.

Cosmetically, I think I'm going to blacken the baffles and inside of the tips, but otherwise I think I'm good to go. Still need to see if there are performance ramifications.

For what it's worth, I rode this past weekend with a buddy on a Softail running drag pipes. When I first put on my Bub's, I thought they might be illegally loud. They didn't come close to his drags, but they were still pretty loud. With the baffles, they are still loud, but at least in a way that others seem fine with, esp. my landlord.


Big success all the way around with the pipes. I still have yet to do the PAIR mod (waiting for Bone to send me block off plates), but the decel gurgle and popping is all but gone. I can barely hear it idle while I'm sitting on her, and a slow roll on the throttle brings the tone up just a little. But gettin' on the throttle just a little really gets the pipes to sing. So I've got my deep, throaty, rumbling pipes I wanted without ticking off the wife, the neighbors, and the landlord. Plus, SFPD says they sound fine (according to at least one I was next to at a light).

Here's some crappy video (I'll do something better later), and there are other clips of the pipe sound before the mod in the 'related' list:

If anyone is interested in photos of this mod, let me know. As for my experience with Smartpartz, the guys there are solid. He told me that if the baffles did not work to my liking, he would have taken them back, even with the holes I drilled in them.
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