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Hey Folks!
New to the board here...and to the VTX 1800.

I've been reading a LOT of stuff on pipes and Fi boxes. I inititally did
what I thought was a lot of research, and also to fit my budget looking.
Cobra is what I ended up going with. I got the Speedster Longs and the
Now, I've seen some stuff here that might suggest I've made a bad
choice, perhaps? Maybe just not the best?
I think the chrome on the Cobra Speedsters looks much improved over
pipes I've had in the past from them, and the bike seems to be running
very well, except that I think it seems a slightl bit more shy between
1500-2500 rpms than (maybe) stock. Then it seems to be superior to
stock output noticeably. Has anyone done a dyno run with the Speedsters
to date? Do they increase HP & torque? If they decrease, I've indeed
wasted my money. I'm ideally after the best HP and torque, but still am
quite happy with the bike the way it runs now. Also, has anyone dyno'd
the 1800 with different settings on the Fi2000R? Which ones were best,
and why. I've tried these settings: 4.5-3-0, 3-2-0, 2-2-0, 2-1-0 and
2.5-1.5-0. All seem fine, and I just checked plugs this morning, and they
look very clean. Only black stuff is around the rim, but none on electrode
top or bottom. I thought the Cobra setting was too rich?

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