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Hondaline saddlebag brackets - hardware to mount is 98% there.

Minor piece missing is a thin diameter bolt that holds bag in position with the rubber dampeners. I think it is there, actually, but broken off short - I think I used a zip tie to hold the bag in position so it didn’t hinge out. I’m sure that everyone here has more mechanical aptitude than I do and can solve this better. One or two of the screws to mount the bags to the brackets might be missing.

The bags in the photo are very rough, in terrible shape, buckles and snaps are broken. The tops are shrunk from sun and water. These would be junk or a major refurb project or a base for a custom make. Mostly the bags are just junk, unless you are going for a road-weary look, but the brackets are good.

$75 + shipping, or best offer.

Thanks -


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