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This was also posted on the General Board but I want to post it here also to make sure everyone who might be impacted is aware of what is going on.


I have talked to 2 people who have had some fitment issues when they added our spacer to the SUPER-HUB when it is mounted on the Dunlop 250 tire.

Here is some information that may be helpful to some of you:

240 Metzeler on rim is 9.5 inches wide at the seam on the sidewall

250 Avon on rim is 9 5/8 inches wide at the seam on the sidewall

250 Dunlop on rim is 10 inches wide at the seam on the sidewall

260 Metzeler on rim is 9 7/8 inches wide at the seam on the sidewall

In the photos below we installed the Metzeler 260 today on our VTX1300. This is not a prototype, it is the DOT approved tire so the dimension is correct.

The gap between the left side edge of the tire and the drive shaft tube is shown by the thickness of two credit cards stuck in the gap. This is 60/1000.

We installed the wheel with a spacer of 145/1000 added to the spacer that is present in the basic SUPER-HUB. The spacers we had been supplying were 500/1000, less the removal of the stock SUPER-HUB spacer which is about 150/1000.

So we will be building new spacers that will not move the wheel to the right as much as our present spacer setup. I am sorry for the delay that this has caused in finishing your projects but I hope we can get the spacers done and out to you as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions please call me so that I can clarify anything you may want to know. Sometimes the leading edge is the bleeding edge and thats about where I am today.

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