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I went over to Strokers yesterday as an extra while they were filming next week's episode of Ma's Roadhouse. It's on TruTV in the DFW area. I'm not sure if it airs elsewhere.

It was pretty funny as the bit they were filming was a cookoff between a Teppanyaki chef (think Benihana) and Ma. Ma cooked a cheeseburger while smoking, of course.

As part of being an official extra, we were fed lunch and were given a wrist band that allowed us to purchase beers for $1. The lunch was pizza and salad from Campisi's.

At any rate, it appears that they need extras again this Saturday from 11am to 3pm. I don't know if they are providing lunch again, but they are offering wrist bands for $1 beers to those that RSVP through email to be an extra.

You can email them at [email protected] for details.

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