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You know when you're out to dinner and it's not just the dinner that's good, but the whole experience that's good? That's kinda what it was like dealing with Peter (aka Thin Man).

I bought the Thin Man 3" chrome risers for use on my 1300C. WOW...what a difference. I'm really looking forward to putting some miles on with the new setup.

Peter was great to work with. We exchanged several emails before, during and after I sent him the money. Peter was always quick to answer any question I had. He made the whole experice very nice. It's wonderful to find a business man that will work so hard to please his customer. I was confident that even before I bought, Peter would stand behind his product no matter what. And his product is definately worth it.

Peter includes complete instructions along with pictures to guide you through the install. He even mentions some great tricks to make sure everything goes well. He even includes some black zip ties to use in securing cables that get re-routed.

Peter, once again, thank you for your product and the great experience in doing business with you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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