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The board is now closed for posting. Use the new board now. Thanks


I'm still tweaking the new site but here's the link.

You will need to setup a new account on that board as it has it's own database for the members.

After you setup your membership feel free to copy and paste any info you posted on this board that you feel should be on the new site too.

I will lock this board down later today so it's a read only board. The info will still be here but you won't be able to post to it. Sorry it took so long to get the new board up but I had one issue after another but it seems to be working fine now.

I will be tweaking on it to get the look and feel like the rest of the Direct Line boards and I could really use some help for the Fury banner. I really suck at art.nojoke

If you guys want to send me something just make sure it's about the same size as this and is a .gif file. Thanks

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