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Just did my valve adjustment on my C...First time in 60,000K.
I had asked a "service advicer"at my local stealer long ago about adjusting valves and he said "if it ain't broken...."
But after reading all the post on this board by the real Xperts I finally did my valves.Exhaust where so tight I couldn't get a feeler gauge to even get close to gettin in.
I got them back into speck,and just wanted to let guys know you have to adjust thes little buggers.....I have read some other posts regarding steelers in other parts saying the same thing..."if it ain't broke..."

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Valves should be adjusted every 8K +/- miles as recomended by Mfg. 8) Tight valves can lead to problems / damage. Just a word to the wise, if you can't do it yourself pay the money and have them done. Cheap insurance JMHO!
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