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Sounds like he may have been into some stuff that endangered his family, but he was lucky she was there.

And one home invader good.

U.S. ABC News
Wife defending husband and daughter kills home intruder with assault rifle, source says

The preliminary investigation showed that two unknown males, who were wearing masks, had broken into the home and made demands, police said. The male victim, later identified as Jeremy King, told Bay 9 News that the suspects pointed guns at him, demanded money and threatened him. King was pistol-whipped and beaten when he refused, police said.

Woman kills home intruder with assault rifle: Source
ABC News Videos

Pregnant Florida Woman Kills Home Intruder with AR-15
National Review

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Why is it called an ASSAULT rifle when used in DEFENSE?
Because the libtards will call it "deadly assault" and charge her with capital murder.
Afterall, the intruders were nice guys, well-liked in their community, upstanding citizen. They did not deserve to die. *shrug*

Libtards are funny. They are notoriously anti-gun and anti-self-defense ... until they themselves are violated. Then they start screaming for harsher penalties for criminals and go buy a gun. (without having a clue how to use it) Seen it numerous times.
But then again, we're not talking about smart people here.
So nothing to see, move on.
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