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This is a continuation of "Bar alignment off". I put the bike on a jack and did a visual of the front tire alignment with the frame. When it looked good, I checked the tick mark alignment on the top tree clamp with the bike's center line and it was ~1/8 to the left. I also noticed the top clamp front edge was not aligned with the bottom clamp front edge by a comparable amount, when looking down.

So, my next question is how does the top and bottom clamps get aligned? Any reference I look up talks torque specs and/or pulls weights, but nothing on alignment. Are they keyed through the stem or is it just assumed that the forks will force alignment?

In any case, this weekend I'm going to undo the pinch bolts and try to move the clamps into aligment. Any advise is welcome.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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