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Wrong number?
Shepard said he was shocked, believing he reached a wrong number.
Another friend made a second call. “Yeah,” the officer responded. “Help will get there. Shouldn’t be playing games.”

A third emergency call was answered by a different dispatcher, who asked about Sawyer’s condition and advised those nearby to not touch him.
“I am absolutely outraged every time I hear that ‘too bad’ and then click,” said Sawyer’s father, Jim Sawyer. “I only know that I would have felt a whole lot more comfortable if I had heard people responding on the end of that 911 call with some heart and caring.”

State police said the comments by Peasley, an 18-year-veteran, were unprofessional, and the agency apologized if “our actions added to the family’s pain.”

Well until next time, stay safe and keep straight.............
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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