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Ok folks just throwing some last minute info out there on the ride leaving for Jefferson Saturday 16th 9.30 KSU from Sulphur Springs Texas.

Who's going? All together looks like between 25 and 35 folks from local CMA,a local ride group,and what looks to be 4 VTXOA guys. A few "might make it" also.

The route.......majority of the group leaving from EXXON & A/W gas station off I30 in Sulphur Springs. This is 90 east of Dallas.Taking HWY 154 to Jefferson.Bout 90 mile ride. Lunch in Jefferson, some are packing a lunch for a picnic some will eat a different places.

Route back. Majority will head back taking HWY 11 some will go their own way....

weather ..high of 77 and partly cloudy , should be dry

Kick Stands Up at 9:30 sharp......this means we leave

If you know your going.........even if you have already told me so, please pm me to confirm.
If you want to go just pm me for any more details or email me at [email protected]

p.s I'm going to plan out a ride into Beavers Ben ,OK for June,. No set date yet. It would be great to get some help from those living in the DFW area to help organize that area as well as some riders to do the same from the Oklahoma area as well as those in western Ark and those in Louisana that would like to go.Hopefully the Texas board will be up and running soon and we will get this going.
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