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Flat Boy Trailers unique design has the LOWEST loading height, when flat on the ground allowing you to load your bike with a ¼ inch load height; this will help reduce the risk of dropping your bike during the transition of loading and unloading. With the trailer sitting flat on the ground there is absolutely no movement or rocking giving you the most stability possible.

Flat Boy Trailers come with a custom air suspension system which ensures the SMOOTHEST ride even on the ROUGHEST road; with a self contained air supply you have the ability to adjust ride height and uneven loads for the best possible ride.

Flat Boy Trailers are available in both single and double configurations and a standard deck length of 8 feet with custom deck lengths available to fit any bike. All trailers are custom built to order with many option to choose from to customize your trailer to fit your needs.

The current pricing on the Double Flat Boy starts at $5600 adn the single starts at $4600
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