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I don't know how a fairing would affect things, that is a good question. have you posted pictures of your bike? I don't recall seeing the fairing
It's like pushing a big cardboard box down the road in front of you. No streamlining at all. If that doesn't sink in, here's an example. My 1800C had/has a clear w/s. My C gas tank holds 4.49 gal. My buddy Renegade Rick's 1800S had a 5.something tank, and he installed a HD full fairing. We both gassed up in New Stanton, Pa. heading for Columbus on I 70. We'd made this run before, and we always stopped at the Cambridge exit, just west of the I-77 interchange, as that was about when my light would come on. Well, he was in the lead, and 'forgot' I was running low. We got some miles past the exit and I pulled alongside him to point at my tank. Almost in the same instant, he started bucking and jerking forward and back, losing power. We pulled over, and he started out again. (NOTE that his light was not working at that time). We did this a couple times, when he pulled over again. We were just short of the exit with the Love's Truck Stop. I said I had a small plastic jar that held mini-bungies, and I would go to the truck stop and get him enough fuel to make it to the pumps. While I was getting back on the bike, holding the little jar, it started leaking as the gas was starting to dissolve the plastic. I made it to the top of the exit ramp, and here comes Rick again, not quite making the top of the exit. We hurried to get the precious fuel into his bike, then finally got to the pumps. So him adding a full fairing was losing him a gallon per tankful for travelling the distance he used to go w/o one.
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