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Heya Xtreme,

Most of us on this thread are Iron Butt Association members or members to be. In order to qualify for IBA membership you have to complete one of the IBA rides, submit an application with all the necessary paperwork, and then have "the patience of Job" :shock: as you wait for the volunteers at IBA to certify your journey.

The list of IBA rides is here Most folks will do the SaddleSore 1K (1000 miles within 24 hours) as their initial ride

But, an attractive alternative if you're just learning about long distance riding and want to test your endurance and skills is the National Parks Tour There are a lot of great websites with info about National Parks Passport Stamp collecing. Here's a really good motorcyclists forum

Both of these rides require a bit a strategic planning

The long turn-around time for IBA certificates is explained here:

Ride safe!


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The Basics...

To Qualify =
1000 miles in 24 hours

To Prove =
A start fuel ticket + witness form signed
A fuel ticket at each route change or turn
A fuel ticket at end + witnes form signed

Best to read rules at IB site.
Don't bend or read something into them to fit your needs.
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