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Since I am very interested in getting the Sumo 240 kit, I have had a lot of questions on my mind. One of them deals with the exhaust for the bike.

Before I get the kit, I want to get an exhaust and an air kit for my bike. However, the kit requires you to get a modified 1800 swingarm, and the exhaust attaches to the swingarm.

Therefore, if i were to get, lets say, an HK 3" exhaust for the 1300c, would i be able to use it once i install the sumo fat tire kit?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The exhaust does not attach to the swingarm. If it did, your pipes would be moving up & down everytime you hit a bump.

They attach to an exhaust mount which is under the swignarm and the mount is attached to the frame. You will have to cut the mount in half when you go to mount your 240mm wheel, but it really does not affect the pipes at all.
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