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What I am about to say will make some of you say DUH! Others may say, hmmm. It's just some good common sense advice.

When you are going to modify your bike with a new electrical device that replaces a stock electrical device. such as a headlight assembly, tail light assembly speedometer assembly and it requires that you do some cutting and soldering to get it installed avoid cutting on the wiring harness. Cut the cable & connector off the stock unit and attach this to the new unit instead of trying to hard wire the unit into the bikes wiring harness. This will prevent possible damage to the bikes harness should some unforeseen incident occur.

Hopefully this will get passed along and prevent others from making this mistake.

I would not be saying this if it had not happened to someone else.

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Here i was thinking that you were going to tell us to disconnect the battery first. Don't know how many people forget that one.

Good reminder, though. Cutting the wiring harness is asking for trouble later. Using the wiring from the component end is good, but some people don't want to do this because they are going to sell them.

Ideally, they'd get replacement connectors that match the one for the wiring harness. They out there if they look for them. Even standard blades and sockets can be used in most instances until they get the right one.
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