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Hey all,

After being a registered user for quite some time now, i finaly decided to post something!

Around a month ago i got my bike on a dynojet to get a nice chart of my hp,torque and a/f ratio.
The owner of that test thing (don't know how you guys call it, my englsh isn't that well) told me he could tune my bike a lot better cause of the bad a/f ratio.

See here is a chart, standard bike, only k&n air filter added:
Dotted line is torque.
red line is run from 55 km/u to top in fifth gear.
< can't post images yet... >

His possibilities were:
1. Powercommander , bit expensive to finetune it
2. Wiseco Fuel Management Controller, can deliver it soon (very new system here in Netherlands), about as expensive as a powercommander but plug and play, no need to tune for hours!

So now is my question to you, have you heard of some experiences with this new wiseco system? Or experienced some your self?

Here is some information about it:
Wiseco’s new Generation 3.5 Fuel Management Controllers for EFI tuning are extremely simple and easy to use and better yet they require no dyno, complex hookups, power supplies, or extra wiring harnesses! With the push of a button, you can easily adjust fuel delivery by adding/subtracting fuel from each zone to work in conjunction with your latest modifications. The display lights on the controller will display the injector pulse duration, which provides instant feedback for where to make the tuning adjustments. Simply plug the included connector into the existing factory wiring harnesses, mount the controller for easy access, and make the adjustments without ever leaving the seat of your bike/ATV. It doesn’t get any easier than this to dial in your new EFI engine.
This cost effective EFI controller also has data logging capabilities for easy analysis of actual track data. With the addition of an oxygen sensor, it even has the capability to run in full closed-loop mode. This allows users to dial in a specified air-fuel ratio, and the Wiseco controller will hold the air-fuel ratio at a constant set point throughout the entire throttle opening and RPM range. In addition, it has a built-in accelerator pump tuning capability to make up the fuel lost to low vacuum until the revs build.
The Wiseco controller uses the OEM base code, and does not scramble the stock code, which makes going back to the stock setup a snap. This allows the controller to accurately tune the injector pulse duration for consistent, repeatable fuel delivery. These controllers are available for various popular EFI models from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and KTM. Please reference our online search engine to find a controller made specifically for your application.
<there is a pdf file on but can't post links yet>

Hope my first post is a bit useful!
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