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If I can get Lamont to change the places that the Florida chapters show up in the index list and group them together? I could have him do it something like this:

Florida- -Central FL XRiders
Florida- -North Florida VTX Riders
Florida- -Northwest Florida VTX Riders
Florida- -South FL XRiders

I always have a hard time finding them and I think a new person would be looking under Florida first. If its not broken I will just leave it alone. Let us know.

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VTXLAZ said:

i spent about 10 mintues looking for the damn south fla riders this morning, sheesh you guys suck
I know what you mean Laz.

I logged on this morning after a few days off and thought everyone must have taken their balls and went home. It wasn't till I started looking for the North Florida link that I found the grouping.

Ya know Hal, that would have been a good one on April 1st.
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