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Sorry but I have decided to buy new. Please ignore this post.

Saddlebag Mounts needed for:
I have saddlebags but not the mounting hardware to hang them. The bags came with the bike and have no markings on them except for a "Made in China tag on the inside of one" so I do not know the brand. They are black with 2 angled buckles on the front and Velcro closures on the sides. The back is a solid piece held in place by 20 slotted screws.

Backrest with Mounting Hardware:
I need a backrest with mounting hardware that will work with the saddlebag mounts described above. I would like a taller backrest if available.

Passenger Floorboards:
Large floorboards that will hold the whole foot for maximum support.

I have a Mustang Wide Touring seat for the front and back seats in case it matters for the backrest or saddlebag fitting.

I am in Southeast Michigan for shipping to me.

Please PM me with details of offers.

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