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which pipes

  • Retro Stockers

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  • Neo Stockers

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  • Speedster Longs

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  • Roadhouse Slip-Ons

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your opinion

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Your opinion. I'm debating with my self to stay with the
Neo pipes,

Original pipes,

Cobra Speedster Longs back on,

Roadhouse Slip -Ons
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Joe...I'm a bit partial to the RH's. They keep that stock look, but aftermarket sound. Plus I like the look of the tips turned out.
I like the way the Longs stick out past the bags. Looks like they belong there, not cut off under the bag. But, that's just my opinion :dontknow:
Retro Stockers look best to me!:thumbup:
i like the stock retro pipes on that bike.

oh and thay flow great with your tail lights IMO. i might be way off here but try a set of fish tails i think that would look sharp.

You know which one sounds best to all reality pipes aren't as much about the look as they are the sound. We should all be so fortunate to have the variety of choices you seem to!!!
I like the speedster longs look :firstplace:
Roadhouse Dooleys! Sorry, I know they weren't on the list.
I think the stock pipes look the best. With your turn signals pointy and the accent on the taillight, anything that stops flat on the back just looks funny to me.
Roadhouse Dooleys! Sorry, I know they weren't on the list.
I was just going to say that. I think the Dooley's have got to be one of the coolest mods for the VTX and I only know of a couple people that have bought them. They are expensive though. If I get another VTX, it's going to be an R just so I can have those pipes. PeterX from the MN Board just put them on and he got his under $600 from one of the DLP sales.

Joe, I like the picture of the bike with the bags on it with the stockers. The pipes just look real proportioned with the rest of the bike and the tips kinda flow with your rear fender.

That has been the eternal question since I bought my 18X.

These are big bikes and look the best with a big can - cans, in my opinion of course. I too have a retro that ended up with stock neo's, kinda as a whim. I kinda like the neos the best and have gotten as many compliments the same.

I also think MY X absolutely runs the best and gets the best mileage with stock pipes - no question about it, supported by too many $$ invested.

I haven't done a dyno tune, but figured a nice quiet bike with a decent stereo in a fairing, was more useful.

My opinion and preference of course..

Great bike by the way Joe,

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V&H bigshots, look the best, but I know you dont have them, and at your age bro I think the more quiet stockers are the way, you got enough tickets, LOL
Although I got confused with the photo labeling, and consequently cast a vote for the wrong pipes, I agree 100% with Veterancyclone: the stock pipes are the sharpest looking, most complimentary to the bike. So, if you are happy with the sound of the stocks I would certainly go with them! It's a fine look!
I look at it this way Joe it is like looking at a woman it depends on the angle you are looking from. I agree with cyclone all pointy objects to the rear complement the rear (Stock exhaust). From the front left side the (Long shots) and when viewing from the front we are not focusing on the rear. We are staring at the big breasted fairing and lights. LOL just my two cents.
and to what it sounds like when twisting the throttle I leave that one up to you:joke::joke:
No offense to any lady riders here it is ment as a complement to Joes red 1800 retro
I appreciate all the positive comments and ideas. Got a whole bunch of stuff going on but may switch out pipes next week. :dontknow:
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